satelliteSecurity Protection Services

DMEP security protection services employs a select group of associate consultants, all with extensive experience in various security areas, who have gained their experience during long careers with ICE, ATF, FBI, USSS and DEA. All associate consultants are retired or former federal officers. DMEP utilizes the best available proven protocols, techniques and assessments developed by the US federal government and industrial security experts.

DMEP provides on sight, direct support to its clients on a 24/7 daily basis.

Executive Protection Services

DMEP’ Executive Protection Services are provided for all situations and adaptable to any bodyguard/protection detail requirement. Protection services include advance survey of sites as well as, additional bodyguard or executive protection services, armored transportation, aviation (fixed and rotary), and explosive ordinance detection (EOD).

Event Security

DMEP’ event security protective services provide security for events with hundreds of people to small executive meetings. Our event security services utilize Secret Service executive protection protocols, methods and techniques.

Security Emergency Response

DMEP provides security emergency security guard, bodyguard or security protection services on a moment’s notice for security emergency situations such as terrorism, natural disaster, infrastructure attacks or threat to personnel and facilities.

Transportation Protective Services

DMEP provides transportation services including armored vehicles and aviation (fixed and rotary). We also provide security protection drivers and pilots trained for security emergency situations and evasive maneuvering.

Technical Protective Services

Universal Safety & Security Solutions can provide many different physical security protection measures including explosive ordinance detection (EOD) services, site assessments, electronic countermeasures and sweeps for events and high security situations.


    To be the premier provider of quality innovative security solutions and related services in selected North American and Latin American markets.


    Our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers. We strive for excellence and nothing less. It is our intention to provide quality innovative security solutions that lead our customers to excel in their respective industries around the world.


    To provide exceptional service and security solutions through dedication and excellence.