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DMEP provides incident response and computer forensic solutions and services to domestic and international companies, financial institutions, government agencies, domestic and foreign police departments, and U.S. law firms. DMEP teams with the industry leaders to receive Intelligence Threat Feed used by incident response teams to identify persistent threats to our clients. DMEP’ Host Threat Assessment Program provides protocols to investigate potential breaches on a host-by-host basis. Our Network Threat Assessment Program identifies and responds to network-based threat indicators. Working through DMEP’s Intelligent Response, DMEP will provide host-based incident response capabilities for enterprise organizations, memory forensics software, protocols to detect, respond, and contain persistent threats and other targeted attackers. DMEP also provides managed services, incident response services, which include malware analysis, incident response program development, incident response health check, and incident response exercises, as well as proactive security assessments, including threat assessment programs, application security, and network security.